Come to Me and enter a world of Domination and submission at it's most primordal and basic level. A world where even your soul may be required to please and satisfy your Satanic Mistress.

Deep below the earth I have a cellar dungeon.


Is that the click of My steel heels descending the steep stone steps or echoing coldly on the ice cold floor? Is it you inside the cage waiting in total darkness and complete silence for the sound of My booted feet?

Or is it you who lies on the altar waiting for the unknown to happen as your fearful gaze travels over the rows of torture implements that line the walls? The eery flickering light from candlelit lanterns illuminates Mistresses beautiful face as She bends over you. What is in Her hands? All you know for sure is that pleasure and pain will be the gifts She brings you.

What are you thinking as you writhe and twist in the interstices of Her opposing gifts? Your wrists are manacled to the beams but where does your mind take you? The blank mask of Her Dominance encompasses your thoughts and it is She who will take you wherever She chooses. There will be some pain and possibly a little fear but there will also be overwhelming pleasure. Her path is a hard one to travel and is not for the fainthearted. Satan loves the brave!

So what will you offer in return for Her gifts? Just how brave are you? What is your soul worth to you?

Not sure?

Let Me help you to decide.

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Wakefield Mistress of Souls


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